For as long as people have been making and enjoying music, art, and entertainment, other human beings have been warning against the dangers of “escapism.” With every technological advancement, naysayers and self-appointed moral guardians have railed again pastimes and endeavors that are anything other than completely practical and exist to let people forget their troubles for a while.

David Frangioni holds a very different point of view. He not only believes that engaging escapism is all right—he has dedicated his life to the idea that it is one of the single most important elements of what makes us human. It is a lesson that was hard won from personal experience.
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At the age of two, David was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that necessitated a procedure that saved his life but caused him to lose an eye. In addition to the effect on his vision, a mistake on the part of the surgeon caused a facial deformity, which caused the years of childhood that followed to be as difficult and painful as you might expect.

This sort of trauma and emotional distress would have crushed many people. In fact, it may have crushed David as well…if he had not found the drums. Beginning to play shortly after his surgery, David’s escape for hours each day into his instrument led to his playing gigs around Boston by the age of 12.

As he grew older, he added other forms of escape to his obsession with drumming. He became a collector—amassing an expertise in everything from baseball cards to Clint Eastwood memorabilia to (of course!) vintage musical instruments. Upon becoming a teenager, he escaped into technology as well—becoming fascinated with the then-new technology of MIDI—which led to his launching an audio technology consulting business by the age of 16.
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In short, David Frangioni’s dedication to escapism has led to a life full of adventure and fulfillment. He was Aerosmith’s in-house engineer technologist for more than a decade. He has worked closely with the Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Shakira, Rascal Flatts, Sting, Bryan Adams, and countless other celebrities and captains of industry. He founded the preeminent vintage drum museum in America, regularly consults on projects by the creators of Monster Cables and Pro Tools, and is Publisher of Modern Drummer magazine. He is also the founder of Audio One and Frangioni Media, and as such is responsible for building of hundreds of premium home, commercial, and pro technology / sound / automation installations.

At the core of all these accomplishments has been David Frangioni’s unceasing quest to provide escapism to the world. As he sees it, escapism is not something you engage in once all the hard work and trials of life are undertaken, but instead that tapping into escapism wisely is precisely what allows you to succeed at dealing with those hard work and trials. Escapism gave David his life. As such, at this stage in his life, he has dedicated himself to spreading the gospel of escapism wherever he goes. He does so through All Access IDA: Inspire & Develop Artists, where he works with talented young people to help them give shape to their latent gifts. He does it through the Frangioni Foundation, where he gives back to the community. He does it through his home and studio installations, where he creates wonderlands for his client. And he does it through his books and keynote talks, where he teaches people to channel the power of escapism to create the lives they want.

David Frangioni is the Escapism Artist. Come along for the ride.

Charity Work

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Musicians On Call

David is a President’s Council Board Member and plays room-to-room at children's hospitals in South Florida with Musicians On Call, a charity that brings music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. David joined the organization to fulfill in its mission to perform for millions of individuals.

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Irie Foundation

David is the Technology Visionary, Chief Technology Engineer/Project Manager and musical director for the Irie Foundation’s Rhythms Academy music production and technology center—an organization that creates a positive impact on the lives of South Florida’s at-risk youth through proactive initiatives.

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Frangioni Foundation

The Frangioni Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to engage, teach, inspire, heal and enrich the lives of as many people as possible, especially young people, within our communities and globally through the power of music, technology, faith and charity.

Client Testimonials

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    Ozzy Osbourne

    "[David is] The Rocket Man, only happy when he has a fuse box in his hands!"
  • david frangioni, paul stanley, audio one, music, famous, drummers, music production, escapism

    Paul Stanley

    "Thank you David, you made it sound great!"
  • david frangioni, bryan adams, audio one, music, famous, drummers, music production, escapism

    Bryan Adams

    "When it comes to computers and MIDI, I put David Frangioni in the Hall of Fame."
  • david frangioni, steven tyler, audio one, music, famous, drummers, music production, escapism

    Steven Tyler

    "Working with David and Audio One in my new recording studio makes me feel as though I've boarded the Starship Enterprise and have gone where no musician has ever gone before. I refer to David as 'Gyro Gearloose' because he could rewire a Walkman to record 4- track."