Your Recording Studio FAQs


Questions About Studios? We Have the Answers

You’ve been writing music alone or with bandmates and have amassed a collection of songs. Now that it’s time to record your work, what will you do? You could rent studio space downtown or outside of the city. But if you’re a serious musician who has the resources, building and owning your own studio has incomparable benefits. You’ll have the freedom to record anytime inspiration hits and can even rent out your space to other musicians.

But a studio is much more than a room with equipment and wiring. You’ll need the right acoustics and design for recordings to sound professional. To get started with a studio construction service in New York, NY, read our frequently asked questions below.  


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Running the World's Most Successful Drumming Magazine with David Frangioni


David Frangioni is the publisher at Modern Drummer. David has had a long career as a musician, producer, entrepreneur and author. In this episode he shares insight into his work at Modern Drummer, his career and his interesting life story.

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Expert Picks 5 Songs for Demos That Represent Neil Peart’s Drumming


Audio One and Modern Drummer Magazine’s David Frangioni picks five Rush songs that highlight Neil Peart’s drumming style and industry legacy. With the passing of Neil Peart, the world of rock music … and music in general lost a huge creative force that inspired generations of music fans. 

Arguably standing next to John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) as rock’s most influential drummer, Peart impacted how future generations approached drumming and even lyrics, as people have noted Peart’s ability to write about everything from science fiction and politics, to human emotion. 

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DAVID FRANGIONI-(Part 1) Renowned Audiophile Consultant, Recording Engineer, Studio Installer, Drummer


David's success is the music industry is driven by his passion and work ethics in everything he does! "Passion fuels us and becomes the heart and soul of everything we do...Do it right or don't do it at all....Follow-up, resiliency, don't take no for an answer" and more motivating tips about how he manages multiple companies in this industry! (at Peermusic Studio Miami) Thank you for subscribing & sharing our channel to Empower more Artists!

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How We Got Here: Residential Systems


Whenever I get the opportunity to network with any industry pros — integrators, owners, marketers, product managers — I enjoy hearing their origin stories; how they got into the biz. I find it fascinating how different they all are, and how their previous experiences shaped how they handle their business today.

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