EPISODE #4: Billy Amendola Part 2: The story of Modern Drummer Magazine and sharing the stage with Ringo Starr


In the last episode of this two-part series, Billy Amendola, musician and editor at large of Modern Drummer Magazine, tells us about how he became the editor of a magazine known as "the Bible of drummers, " the difficulties in his journey, as well as some crazy experiences he had along the way. "The map and the terrain will never match," he says while talking about his road to success. What was Billy's plan and what terrain did he face instead? How did he end up playing on stage with Ringo Starr and his All Starrs? The answers to all these questions are revealed in this episode, along with some valuable advice from a musician at the top of his field.

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What You Need In A Music Manager


What to Look for in Artist Development Services in Miami, FL

A good music manager can change the entire course of your career. There are many important things to consider when choosing a music manager. Learn what to look for in artist development services in Miami, FL.

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5 Tips for Ensuring Your Recording Studio Is Soundproof


Make sure your New York recording studio installation goes smoothly with these tips

A home recording studio offers many benefits to musicians. It can be overwhelming to build a studio, but it doesn't have to be. When installing a recording studio, soundproofing is the most crucial step in ensuring that your recordings will be as clean as possible. Whether you DIY or use an acoustic designer, check out these tips for maximizing the insulation of your room in New York.

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EPISODE #3: Billy Amendola: Pitching demos to John Lennon and playing punk rock with Mantus


In the first part of this two-episode series, we hear from Billy Amendola, musician and editor at large of Modern Drummer Magazine, and his life as a drummer from Brooklyn. Billy tells us all about his life and his personal development, as well as the development of his band, Mantus. How did a Brooklyn-born band go from playing Punk Rock at CBGB to making Disco hits that become wildly successful in Canada? Where did they go from there? Tune in to find out more about being a studio musician, the music industry, and living life in full effect as a drummer.

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How to Soundproof for a High-End Recording Studio


Your Comprehensive Guide to Soundproofing 

You never realize how noisy the world is until you start recording music. Suddenly, little buzzes and noises from outside clank and clatter in your audio recordings. The hums from appliances and technology, cars outside, pipes gurgling, footsteps in the hallway—they all are magnified when heard through a quality condenser microphone.

So, if you’re building a high-end studio, soundproofing is one of the first things you’ll need to do. We specialize in developing state of the art studios in Palm Beach, FL. If you’re a musician or producer in need of their own studio, continue reading to learn how soundproofing works and why you need it! 

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