Audio One Design Featured in The Sun Sentinel

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One of the most dramatic home technology designs I’ve ever been a part of was featured in the Sun Sentinel article From Anywhere, Owner of This $50 Million Dollar Hillsboro Beach Home Can Control The Entire Place by Jennifer Boehm.

The Hillsboro Beach home featured in the article is equipped with over two million dollars worth of high-end technology, the majority of which was designed by my company Audio One.  The architect’s unique vision for the home required that we get creative from a design and installation stand-point, so we integrated different systems in the house to make it smart and automated. The vast majority of the tech is completely hidden but can be easily accessed at the push of a button. 

I detailed some of the most innovative aspects of the tech with Jennifer Boehm: "This oceanfront home has TVs that come out of the ceiling and spin around, TVs that come out from under the bed, shades that drop from nowhere and are motorized, [and] speakers that are invisible but highly audible. Imagine from anywhere in the world, on your iPhone or iPad, one button controls the entire place."

The Hillsboro Beach home remains one of the most challenging residential designs I’ve encountered, but as always, the Audio One team delivered an incredible and innovative product.

Boom, Ba-Boom, Crash! Boom, Ba-Boom, Crash!
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