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I was excited to join host Christian Swain--The Rock n’ Roll Archeologist--on an episode of his podcast Deeper Digs in Rock. On the show, Christian and I have an in-depth conversation about my book Crash: The World’s Greatest Drum Kits From Appice to Pert to Van Halen. We discussed some of the notable drum kits featured in the book, as well as the stories behind them. 

Christian and I discussed some of the most beautiful, unique, and iconic drum kits in history -- and how they inspired me to write Crash. One of these iconic kits--Carl Palmer’s--is now in my personal collection, and I share the story of how I acquired such a unique piece. 

We continued our discussion on collecting with a brief dive into my previous book Clint Eastwood Icon: The Essential Film Art Collection. The Eastwood book features a collection of his film’s posters and the interesting history behind them.

Before the end of the show, we dug into some notable experiences I've had working with artists over my 30-plus years in the music industry. Some of the stories I shared include meeting Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler for the first time, and how a phone call in a Miami diner led to me working on the TV series The Osbournes.