Drummer's Resource Podcast: How To Create Something From Nothing

In a recent interview on the Drummer’s Resource podcast with Nick Ruffini we discuss everything from why I started playing the drums at two years old to my thoughts on having a day job while pursuing your dreams.

Throughout the episode, Nick hones in on some incredible insights. Specifically, the idea of training yourself to repeatedly create something out of nothing and how to start executing on the ideas you have as a musician, artist, entrepreneur, and dreamer. As such, we explore a lot of tactical advice that you can start implementing in your own career right now.

Nick writes:

“If I listed one of David’s careers, it would be impressive. But David isn’t a one-career type of guy. He’s a Renaissance man who’s reinvented himself over the years. David started as a drummer then evolved into a pioneer of MIDI technology, the founder of an award-winning A/V firm Audio One. Frangioni has also authored two books, and been the recipient of dozens of gold and platinum albums as technologist, engineer, and/or producer for hundreds of artists including the Stones, Ringo Starr, Aerosmith, Elton John, Sting, Carl Palmer, Journey, Styx, KISS, Phil Collins, Shakira, Ozzy Osbourne, and more...David embodies the spirit of someone who can create something from nothing, repeatedly. The good news? So can you.”

This episode is a must-listen for musicians who may not yet be confident in their business skills, people who have an abundance of powerful ideas but struggle to execute on them, and anyone who is working hard to land their next greatest gig.

Click here to listen to the episode.
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