Jacob Velazquez

& mentor

David Frangioni

Learn more about music prodigy Jacob Velazquez who shares his love for the drums with Modern Drummer publisher and mentor David Frangioni.

Jacob Velazquez

& mentor

David Frangioni

Learn more about music prodigy Jacob Velazquez who shares his love for the drums with Modern Drummer publisher and mentor David Frangioni.

How Do Music Career Services Help Musicians and Bands?


If You’re an Artist in L.A., See How Management Will Take You to the Next Level

You’ve recorded songs to fill an EP or LP plus made a music video or two. You know you have the skills to ‘make it’ as a musician. You’re on the lineup at local festivals, albeit your name is in small print near the bottom. You have a lot to be proud of, but do you or your band still feel stuck trying to break into the music industry?

While it’s possible to DIY with Soundcloud and Spotify, it takes a team, led by a manager or artist development professional to get your songs known across the country and ultimately internationally. Even Justin Bieber, who got his start on YouTube, became a star when he partnered with industry icon Scooter Braun, his manager. Is it time for you to work with an artist development professional and/or manager? If you’re serious about a music career, the answer is yes.

If you’re unsure of what either a manager or artist development pro can do for you, we share the ins and outs of the partnership below. Continue reading to see how David Frangioni’s music career services will help you thrive in Los Angeles, CA, and throughout the world.


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Help You Secure Better Deals

Lots of musicians new to the industry are taken advantage of and are signed to the short end of record deals. A manager wants you to make the most money possible and have a thriving career, and they’re experienced with contracts in a way that you’re probably not.  While you shouldn’t be in the dark about your own business deals, it isn’t your job as a musician to negotiate better terms. In fact, you may not know what can be arranged. That’s something your management team can navigate on your behalf.  You, the artist, should always be involved in every deal, but let your manager be the face of negotiating for you.


Connect You to the Right People

It’s still the industry standard to work with a record label, and it’s the responsibility of your manager to get the label’s attention. This is no small feat, as there are hundreds of thousands of musicians trying to get signed right now. It takes a full-time job to market your music, so leave it to a pro, a manager or management team. They should be talking you up to industry peers all day and night, bringing you into conversations whenever the opportunity strikes. A manager’s connections can lead you to record deals, endorsements, tours, and collaborations that would otherwise never happen.  Your pro team is the face and lifeblood of your inside music business network.


Land Artist Endorsement Deals

Have you ever checked out a song on YouTube, and everyone in the comments is naming which TV show or movie led them to the artist? Or have you watched a movie trailer and scrolled down to see everyone wondering, “What is this song?” We’ve seen this countless times—a band’s song is featured on a popular TV show or commercial, and suddenly their music blows up!  Or a musician plays at a branded festival event, receiving extra cash and new recognition. For these partnerships to happen, you’ll need an industry insider that is connected and well-networked.  A solid artist manager will find these opportunities for you. They’ll prepare a promo package, press kit and will know how to entice brands with your music and image.


No matter what stage you’re at in your artistic journey, let Frangioni Media's All Access IDA – Inspire and Develop Artists - music career services bring your dreams to fruition. Especially in a competitive city like Los Angeles, it will make all the difference.


If you’re serious about achieving your creative goals, contact us to get started.

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