How I Became A Rock Star Integrator: CEPro Uncovers The Story Behind Audio One

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I recently dug into my archives and came across an article from 2010. For this story, I spoke with CEPro writer Tom LeBlanc about how to become a well known integrator in the custom installation industry. We also discussed the luxury A/V company I founded, Audio One, and how we carved a niche working with rock stars and celebrities.

LeBlanc writes:

“Frangioni doesn’t give the impression that he wants to be famous, or that he wants to be something of a ‘rock star integrator.; Neither, however, would be a bad thing for the custom installation industry. It might help it get over a cultural hump and appeal to mainstream America.

That doesn’t mean custom electronics dealers would make their offerings more palatable for the middle market, but that they’d become so sought-after that mainstream Americans would aspire to owning a custom system much like they might dream of wearing a Rolex, driving a Jaguar or dining at Nobu.”

Throughout the article, we also unpacked my biggest influences—such as Monster Cable’s Noel Lee and Sam Runco—and explored the work ethic required to get a business off the ground in the audio business.

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