.NET Rocks Podcast: A Music Technology Geek Out With Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell

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Earlier this year, I joined Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell at Pwop Studios on the .Net Rocks! podcast to talk about music technology and exchange stories about our work in the industry. The interview began talking about my childhood—when I lost my eye to a rare form of cancer at the age of two and how that experience influenced me to start playing the drums.

We also discussed a number of breakthroughs in the music technology space, such as MIDI, and how I got started as a MIDI consultant when this technology first surfaced.

In the studio, we laughed about the time I got a call from Ozzy Osbourne while eating in a Miami diner. We reminisced about my work with companies like Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. And ultimately, we concluded that life’s too short to sacrifice sound fidelity.

Thank you, Carl and Franklin, for the amazing discussion. Click here to listen to the interview!

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