Overcoming Odds Podcast Appearance

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I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Overcoming Odds Podcast hosted by the amazing Oleg Lougheed. During the course of the interview, Oleg and I shared our insights on surviving trauma and repurposing that trauma into an avenue to help others. 

We began by discussing my early childhood: discovering the drums, begin diagnosed with retinoblastoma, and how music provided an escape from a difficult situation. Oleg and I dug into my relationship with my parents and my faith, and how they shaped who I am today. We explored what makes a great mentor, I describe my parents as being selfless and endlessly encouraging. I told Oleg that if it weren’t for my parents and my faith, my life may have gone in a different, perhaps negative, direction. I told the story of how my mother insisted that if I was going to play the drums, I must learn how to play piano and read music as well, and what great benefit being able to play multiple interments and read music was to my career.

Oleg and I talked about how important my adolescent challenges were to me, and how it was the early challenges that came with losing my right eye that equipped me with the tools I would need later in life to bounce back when the going got tough. In that vein, we talked at length about the importance of making sacrifices in order to be successful.

We wrapped-up by discussing some of my current projects: IDAModern Drummer, and Audio One.

Thanks again to Oleg Lougheed for a great conversation!

Listen here.

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