The High-End Audio Artist

David Frangioni, owner of Audio One, tells how he does it all, from professional recording studios to high-end home theaters and whole-house automation systems.

David Frangioni knows sound. A drummer from the age of two, he became an in-demand studio designer and sound engineer, working with Aerosmith, KISS, and Bryan Adams to name a few. When his famed studio clients wanted equally impressive home systems, they called Frangioni, who then added high-end home theater and whole-home automation systems to his offered services. Today, his company, Audio One, based in Miami and Beverly Hills, takes care of all AV needs, from studios, commercial installations, houses of worship, to top-of-the-line residential systems.

“Home and pro are definitely parallel universes for me,” says Frangioni. “I found so many similarities between the two worlds. As you improve in one of them, you improve in the other, and you just keep getting better and better by doing either of them. I was able to build Audio One doing studios, home theaters, and home automation systems. Now we do entire digital facilities and expansive church integration upgrades — things that are all in the same family of technology.”


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