Understanding the Impact of Artist Management Services

There is only so much one person can do independently, and just like raising a child, it takes a village to make an artist or band successful. Every legendary musician had a team of people helping them accomplish their goals. If you’re serious about making a living in music, you’ll likely need a music manager to take your career from dreams to reality.     

As an award-winning artist management group based in Miami, FL, at IDA, we have years of experience getting musicians’ careers off the ground and helping them navigate the industry. To learn what artist management services can do for your career, continue reading below.


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Create Opportunities  

A music manager’s duty is to create opportunities for their artist—to devise and execute a strategy and assist them to excel creatively. To succeed, a manager needs to honestly believe in the musician and to be passionate about their potential. They will then use contacts with producers and other artists to connect the band or artist to the right people.

Making countless sales calls and pitches, a manager will do everything they can to get the music into the hands of producers, label executives, publishers, and PR. Whether the goal is to generate a top ten hit or book a gig at a music festival, it’s the manager’s job to coordinate all aspects of the project and meet deadlines. If they are managing an unsigned artist, the priority is to generate as much work as possible to get them recognized and paid. If the musician is signed, a manager will keep working with the artist to ensure every record and tour runs smoothly. 


Negotiate Contracts

Music industry contracts are notoriously complicated. A large part of music management is advising a musician on business decisions and negotiating on their behalf. Your management will also want you to get the best deal out of contracts since it will also impact their income. At IDA, our team of artist management includes Richard Wolfe, who has a Juris Doctor and LL.M. and practices entertainment law.


Marketing and Image

On top of all this, your manager should also help implement a strategy for your artistic image. They’ll help develop a marketing campaign with an eye towards pop culture trends and your influences. An eye for taste and art is essential in every musician’s career. Yes, we want it to be all about the music, but finding the right way to tell your story to the world can make all the difference.



Writing music is just half of the fun—touring is next! A manager will also coordinate with booking agents in different territories to create schedules and secure venues. Tours are complex with lots of moving parts, requiring logistical and planning skills. While you’re working on the setlist, your manager will work to book the best venues, negotiate appearance fees and strategize travel plans.



After bringing in producers, creating beautiful music, and crafting your image, your manager will work diligently to promote your work. This includes features on websites, magazines, and even inclusion in TV shows and film. Getting your song played in a TV show or on the radio, or written about takes lots of effort, and if you’re just getting started, artist management will take you there. Later on, in your career, you may have PR personnel working specifically on promotion.


Budgeting and Money Management

All of these efforts require money, and a good manager will help an artist control their finances and keep tours and production under budget. Whether you’re shooting a music video or buying props for a show, a manager will micromanage every area of finances, so you don’t have to worry. Once an artist can hire more people on their team, a manager will connect clients with sound business managers and accountants.


Are you ready to put booking, marketing, and promotion into the hands of someone else? Is it time for your music career to take off? Contact us at Inspire & Develop Artists (IDA) for a free consultation to discuss your goals. We’ll be in touch soon!