Why London Indie Artists Will Benefit from a Music Manager


Ways Music Management Services Can Bring Your Career to the Top

Whether you’re a folk singer, rock artist or a rapper, you know how difficult it is to grow an audience and make a living off your music. It’s especially tough in London, where the competition is high for gigs and notability. But if you’re serious about a career in music, there are concrete steps you can take to reach your dreams. Whether that’s touring Europe or becoming a top artist on Spotify, a music manager can help you get there.

You may be wondering, is it really necessary to hire a manager? While you make think now is the time to save costs, music management at the start of your career makes all the difference. Continue reading to see how your presence in London, England, will grow, and why you should hire a manager now.


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You’re Only One Person

There’s only so much you can do a day. One of the most challenging aspects of being a musician is managing your time and skillsets. Most artists get stuck because they don’t even consider hiring help. While it may seem daunting if your income isn’t predictable, you’ll reach your goals at a much slower pace if you’re trying to do everything on your own—and that’s if you’re even able to do it. Unfortunately, there are biases in the business against nepotism or self-management when considering artists for opportunities. By delegating time-consuming tasks to an expert, you’ll be investing in concrete steps to take your career from A to B.  


A Manager Wants You to Make Money

reputable manager isn’t looking to take your money and run—they want you to succeed. An artist manager’s income is directly tied to your success, and they understand ways you can earn money that you may not know yet. Typically, a manager will take in the range of 15% of your profits, or with a variable rate. So, they will do everything they can to ensure your music is being listened to, that shows are being booked, and that you’re making the right connections. As your career grows, so will theirs.


Focus on Your Creativity

If you’re an artist, you probably love the time spent imagining and being creative, and your brain is attuned to explorative kinds of work. The systematic and strategic aspects of a music career can become burdensome and stressful for creative types. This is where your manager can step in to handle numbers, planning, and business details. You’ll be free to work on your craft without distraction, and you’ll both focus on what you do best.


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