EPISODE #5: Glenn Gissler and the alchemy of interior design: from the first show room of Micheal Kors to residential projects for Ian Schrager & Calvin Klein.


In this episode, David Frangioni sits down with Glenn Gissler, interior designer and president at Glenn Gissler Design, and discusses Glenn's journey of manifesting his childhood dreams of being an interior designer. He tells us all about how he entered the field of Interior Design, the ups and downs he encountered along the way, and how he got to create designs of luxury for clients such as Micheal Kors and Calvin Klein. "What we do is to create what I call the context for [the clients'] future to take place," Glenn says. How does this approach differ from others in his field? What attribute has made Glenn stand out? How has he created a career in the world of "luxury in full effect?"

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EPISODE #4: Billy Amendola Part 2: The story of Modern Drummer Magazine and sharing the stage with Ringo Starr


In the last episode of this two-part series, Billy Amendola, musician and editor at large of Modern Drummer Magazine, tells us about how he became the editor of a magazine known as "the Bible of drummers, " the difficulties in his journey, as well as some crazy experiences he had along the way. "The map and the terrain will never match," he says while talking about his road to success. What was Billy's plan and what terrain did he face instead? How did he end up playing on stage with Ringo Starr and his All Starrs? The answers to all these questions are revealed in this episode, along with some valuable advice from a musician at the top of his field.

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EPISODE #1: Meet the Creators of Luxury in Full Effect


Listen in to learn about our hosts David and Justin as they share with you how they met, their dynamic life stories, and a few keys to their success in the music and entertainment business.

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EPISODE 2: Todd Hanson: building luxury home automation systems with Audio One


In this episode, we hear from Todd Hanson, CEO of Audio One, and the origins of his audio-video technology company. Listen in to learn more about Audio One, its activities in the luxury market, the importance of customized products and customer service, and developing a world-class team. Find out how this work lead to projects involving celebrity clientele including the Osbornes and Shaquille O'Neal, amongst many others.

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EPISODE #3: Billy Amendola: Pitching demos to John Lennon and playing punk rock with Mantus


In the first part of this two-episode series, we hear from Billy Amendola, musician and editor at large of Modern Drummer Magazine, and his life as a drummer from Brooklyn. Billy tells us all about his life and his personal development, as well as the development of his band, Mantus. How did a Brooklyn-born band go from playing Punk Rock at CBGB to making Disco hits that become wildly successful in Canada? Where did they go from there? Tune in to find out more about being a studio musician, the music industry, and living life in full effect as a drummer.

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