Audio One Design Featured in The Sun Sentinel

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One of the most dramatic home technology designs I’ve ever been a part of was featured in the Sun Sentinel article From Anywhere, Owner of This $50 Million Dollar Hillsboro Beach Home Can Control The Entire Place by Jennifer Boehm.

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Join CNN Money and Me As We Take a Look Inside Millionaires’ Theaters

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Every innovator loves an opportunity to showcase their creative talents, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be featured on CNN Money’s Look Inside Millionaires’ Theaters.

In the video, we discuss the design and technology behind luxury home theater systems developed by my company, Audio One.  Additionally, we dig into what kind of high tech amenities clients demand in the ultra-high-end audio/video market, and how these systems are comparable or exceed the experience of commercial movie theaters.

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We’re On The CW

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Look mom…I’m on TV! Sort of.

Dave Aizner, the host of the CW South Florida’s web series, put out a video about my work with Audio One. He dug deep into one of our in-depth projects, giving a full tour of all the technology we installed in one of our client’s homes.

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